Jacksonville, FL Skyline. Headquarters of Acuity Restaurant Software, Inc.

Panorama of the Jacksonville city skyline from across the St. Johns river in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Jacksonville is the largest city in land area in the United States

Welcome to Acuity POS Systems, Inc ("Acuity"), your one-stop source for sales, service and installation of wired & wireless networks, internet connection, restaurant software & restaurant systems, kitchen display systems, retail software & retail systems, back office software & back office file servers, restaurant & retail POS hardware products & accessories by a local Acuity POS Systems Dealer.

Acuity's mission is to design and market top-tier restaurant & retail software, POS systems & POS hardware products available using state of the art software & hardware technology, market its products through a network of trained Acuity POS systems dealers worldwide, and to be there when Acuity dealers & customers need answers. You'll rest easy, knowing the Acuity support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you avoid any downtime.

In 2013 Acuity POS Systems, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida acquired RestaurantPlus LLC in Wilmington, Delaware and two RestaurantPlus owned dealerships in California called First Choice POS and Restaurant POS Systems Los Angeles.

Since obtaining RestaurantPlus Acuity's focus has been to design and program a "totally new" restaurant & retail software version for Windows 8. New Acuity restaurant & retail software is being developed using the newest Microsoft Visual Studio and SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere database technologies and will include hundreds of features for independent and chain operators in the restaurant, hospitality & retail industries worldwide. Acuity restaurant & retail software will compete head-on with MICROS & other top software companies. Our goal is to make Acuity software easy to use, easy to learn and available worldwide.

In business since 1997, RestaurantPlus and Acuity POS Systems, Inc. software design, programming and software support teams bring over 50 year's of restaurant & retail software design & programming experience to Acuity POS systems dealers and customers worldwide.

With Acuity 's professional team of POS hardware & software experts, we will continue to build our business with unmatched service, support & training. Even though there is rampant "cut the price marketing" on the Internet, we have found one thing that remains constant: the customer's need for service and support and this is the cornerstone of our business.

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